Onsite Crematory

While many funeral homes and cremation providers offer cremation services, very few of these companies actually own a crematory. We built our first crematory in 1988 at our affiliate company Carmon Funeral Home in Windsor. During this time we have operated with integrity and attention to every detail. At the Cremation Society of Connecticut, we continue to use the same rigorous process and documentation from the moment your loved one enters into our care. Our crematory is open for your inspection and all families are offered the option of witnessing the cremation process. All of our crematory operators have passed a voluntary certification program and strictly adhere to our cremation guidelines. Our Process of Caring for Your Loved One and Our Peace of Mind GUARANTEE to you includes the following ten-step procedure:
  1. When a deceased person is brought to the cremation society, our licensed professional staff immediately prepares a unique identification tag that is placed on your loved one and remains with them through the cremation process.    
  2. Any personal belongings are recorded and all linens or clothing that we received with your loved one are laundered and returned if requested by your family.     
  3. Your loved one is then washed and wrapped in clean linens and placed into the cremation container selected by your family to which a permanent label is affixed bearing their name. They are then gently placed into our refrigeration unit at our facility. 
  4. A Connecticut State Medical Examiner Investigator is contacted to review the death certificate and to view your loved one, and to provide the Cremation Society with a signed cremation authorization. 
  5. If your family was not present as we received your loved one into our care, our funeral directors verify the identity either through a private visitation or through photo identification. 
  6. Once our crematory operator has all of the necessary legal documents to proceed with cremation and the mandatory 48 hour waiting period has elapsed, the crematory operator and a funeral director sign verifying the identity of your loved, that no personal effects or jewelry are present, that all legal documents are present and complete, and that no pacemaker is present. 
  7. Your loved one is then removed from our temperature controlled facility and placed into the crematory chamber. The date, time, crematory operator, funeral director and a unique identification number assigned to your loved one are all recorded in our cremation records and duplicate copies of all legal documents are made before they are filed with local authorities as required by law. 
  8. After the cremation process, your loved ones remains are removed from the cremation chamber and allowed to cool before being processed. During this time any foreign objects such as staples or nails from the cremation container are removed. 
  9. During the cremation process, cooling, and processing of cremated remains, an identification medallion bearing the unique cremation ID number assigned to your loved one is present. After the cremated remains are placed into the urn or temporary urn selected by your family this identification medallion is placed inside the urn with the ashes. 
  10. A label bearing your loved ones name is then affixed to all full-size and keepsake urns selected by your family and an urn receipt is completed with the name, address, and phone number of the authorized recipient. A burial certificate is given to the family bearing the unique cremation ID number and the signed cremation receipt is retained by the cremation society.

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