Planning the Service

Planning the Service
1. Discuss with family and close friends their ideas about a meaningful service that is personal and celebrates a life lived. Items such as where and when the service will be held, who will be involved, what will be said and done to commemorate the life, and whether to have a time of fellowship prior to or following the service should be addressed.

2. Confirm the availability of all participants in the ceremony. These may include the clergy, musicians, the church office, friends and/or family participants and those arranging fellowship. Verify with the clergy and other participants the date, time and place of memorial service before placing the obituary in any newspapers. Each paper deadline is different so please consult with them early in the process to verify deadlines.

3. If burial of the cremated remains is the final disposition, contact the cemetery 2 -3 days prior to your arrival. They will advise you to the hours of service. Most cemeteries require payment of their fee prior to the interment and may have documents for you to complete.

4. Contact florists if flowers are desired and arrange for delivery time and place. Arrange for someone to be responsible for receiving and setting up floral displays. If many flowers are expected, you may wish to have stands of different heights for best display. You may call the church to see if they will leave the church open for you or stay there to meet florists as they deliver the flowers.

5. Arrange for a guest register book, memorial folders and/or prayer cards if desired. For memorial programs, the leader of the service may assist you in organizing the order of service and printing it in a handout format.

6. Collect memorial items or photos, which you may wish to have present at the service. Arrange for tables, stands and easels to display these items.

7. Collect honoraria for participants in the memorial service.

8. You may want to provide the Cremation Society of Connecticut with the phone number for a family member who has voice mail or a cell phone. We can refer calls about the service to that person. They should be prepared to receive calls at all times of the day or night.

9. Provide preprinted envelopes for memorial donations

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